Hi! I'm Andie, a fabric designer, an illustrator, a painter, owner of my own little cupcake company and a loving mom of my sweet chihuahua. I love creating beautiful things and feel the need to constantly be creative. My reflection on creativity states how necessary and fulfilling it is for the human soul. To love those around you, to be honost and true and to make each day matter with the gifts that you've got....are three beautiful ingredients for a purposeful and beautiful life! This here, is my blog to share with you.....

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well, as some of you may know, I have a "sweet" reputation in both the textile industry and the cupcake industry! My cupcake pattern has been made good impression to most everyone who loves a good cupcake. But you got to love it when you come across the wonderful CupcakeSpy and see that Jessie Oleson has used your pattern along the side of her own cupcake logo. I am pleasantly delighted by the sentiment because she is just awesome and I love her site! For those don't know her, please check out cakespy.com and if you get a chance go to her etsy shop and see these great bags amongst other things. Yummy and fun!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


My sweet girly skulls were so much fun to create and I discovered a wonderful manufacturer right here in Lake Forest who makes so many wonderful baby items from my girly skulls design! Patricia Ann Designs, otherwise known as PAD Designs has a beautiful edgy collection from baby bibs, throws and moses baskets! They are steadily making their mark and the business is growing as Nordstrom's has picked up their line recently. You have to check out their online store or go into the new Showroom out on Lake Forest. " I love what you've done!" Thank you everyone at PAD Designs and thank you Shelly Bostrom! BTW.... I still owe you cupcakes!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Bet you didn't know that the whole collection called "You've got the Notions" was designed by your's truely! All those fashion illustration classes from my years at Art Center College of Design really paid off when I got this assignment to create a group for Project Runway. The group has co-ordinates of safety pins, needles, threads, zippers, buttons, make it work in a pattern template style and these three patterns shown above. It was a pretty broad group for everything suggesting sewing and notions. My favorite is the fashion girls (just because it's what I do!) and the next one is the dress forms...inspired of course by Jean Paul Gaultier back in the day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I never thought I would have started out my Art Studio Blog in this sort of way titled "THE HORROR!". But after going online to do a little searching for ideas, I had come across this design I had done for Robert Kaufman Co. some three or so years ago! Yes, that's when I did a lot of handpainting and the joy of mixing those perfect colors of guache took all day to do! So, I came across this site online from the UK and they are still selling this great pattern on one of UniquelyDifferent.co.uk handbags! 
It brought back such good memories. Isn't it horror-ible! =)