Hi! I'm Andie, a fabric designer, an illustrator, a painter, owner of my own little cupcake company and a loving mom of my sweet chihuahua. I love creating beautiful things and feel the need to constantly be creative. My reflection on creativity states how necessary and fulfilling it is for the human soul. To love those around you, to be honost and true and to make each day matter with the gifts that you've got....are three beautiful ingredients for a purposeful and beautiful life! This here, is my blog to share with you.....

Friday, March 4, 2011


What a wonderful opportunity to get to express myself again with this great company by the name of Ritzy Baby! I am delighted to be creatively working with the owner Bridgette Volz as we continue to make way with new and exciting fabric designs to add to her new line. We had touched base about a year ago and have been just anxious to collaborate together as she wanted her Ritzy Baby line more exclusive. Finally, as all good things happen in a matter of time, we are now able to start working on some exciting patterns together!!! I am thrilled that Bridgette has asked me to design for her and I am thrilled that she loves our very first design along with it's matching coordinate pattern! This "Shabby Chic Floral" will will be printed in the color "Moonstone" along with the "Wild Zebra" pattern in the color "Hot Blossom." This is going to look ShabFabulolus!!!!! I can't wait!