Hi! I'm Andie, a fabric designer, an illustrator, a painter, owner of my own little cupcake company and a loving mom of my sweet chihuahua. I love creating beautiful things and feel the need to constantly be creative. My reflection on creativity states how necessary and fulfilling it is for the human soul. To love those around you, to be honost and true and to make each day matter with the gifts that you've got....are three beautiful ingredients for a purposeful and beautiful life! This here, is my blog to share with you.....

Thursday, September 24, 2009


By my surprise, when I was looking for something entirely different online, I came across a fabulous store called MODERN LOLA. I made a purchase for some incredible square cake stands about a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised to hear back from them when they approached me about sending back pictures of what I do with these cake tiers after they had checked out my ditzie cakes website. I was so elated....and that's when I decided to poke around their site a little more. Besides having great baby items....they also carried a few items which I designed!!!! Of course one find is my infamous cupcake pattern on a bib and the other is a cherry pattern. But this cool one ,which I am showing above, is the best find! It's my Menagerie pattern that I did for Robert Kaufman's a couple years back and they are accessorizing a Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller! I love it....and a really love this pattern that I created. I do believe that this is the best usage for this design that I have ever seen for this particular pattern of mine! Thanks MODERN LOLA for carrying great stuff on your site!