Hi! I'm Andie, a fabric designer, an illustrator, a painter, owner of my own little cupcake company and a loving mom of my sweet chihuahua. I love creating beautiful things and feel the need to constantly be creative. My reflection on creativity states how necessary and fulfilling it is for the human soul. To love those around you, to be honost and true and to make each day matter with the gifts that you've got....are three beautiful ingredients for a purposeful and beautiful life! This here, is my blog to share with you.....

Monday, October 31, 2011


My friend Julie and I made our way up to Orange Circle yesterday so that I could introduce her to a great place to go antiquing! Julie is a fabulous photographer and we both stumbled on this great twin lens camera by Kodak! I have two of them that I just recently purchased which are DuaFlex II and a DuaFlex III. Great little cameras that came with an external flash like Julie is holding here in the photo. Believe me..... I so wanted this little gem myself! But I will keep looking around to see if I can find one the great vintage brown that Julie got too! Yes, I have camera envy! But not for long! Found one and it is coming home!

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